how to  Clean Enameled Dutch Oven 

Is your beloved Le Creuset dutch oven stained? Let’s bring the sparkling clean interior back with this super easy method! No overnight soaking, no boiling vinegar!


For Light Stains

If your stains are light, you can cover the area with a baking soda & add a little water to create a paste. 


Let it Sit

Let it sit for 30-60 mins & wash it with a sponge. Everything will wipe away revealing beautiful clean surface.


For Heavy Stains

Instead of making a paste, add about an inch of water. Bring it a boil over medium heat & then simmer for a few mins. Then turn off the heat & let it cool completely.


Wash With a Sponge

Once cooled, wash it with a sponge. If you still have stubborn stain left, sprinkle more baking soda & a bit of water to make a paste & scrub it with a sponge or scrubber.

Ta-da! Nice & clean Dutch oven ready to be used again for all the stews & pot roasts!