quick & easy Baked Miso Chicken

Prepare this easy marinaded baked miso chicken with a handful of ingredients in under an hour for a hearty dinner better than takeout!


Make the Marinade

Whisk the miso paste, sesame oil, olive oil, mirin, Sriracha, soy sauce & salt in a mixing bowl. Mix until the marinade has a nice & smooth texture.


Pour Marinade over the Chicken

Pour the marinade over the chicken in a freezer bag or bowl.


Marinate the Chicken Overnight

 Marinate the chicken for at least 20-30 mins or overnight.


Transfer the chicken

Place the chicken skin side up on a baking pan, & spread it out into an even layer.


Bake the Chicken

Bake the miso chicken for about 35 mis or until the internal temperature registers 175°F (80°C). 



Garnish the miso baked chicken with sliced green onions &  toasted sesame seeds & enjoy!

Marinating roasted chicken with ultra-flavorful miso paste is a game-changer