quick & easy Oven Roasted Mixed Vegetables

A complete guide to oven roasted vegetables, including a handy cheatsheet for ideal roasting time for any vegetables, storing tips & serving ideas!


Chop the Vegetables

Cut the asparagus. Slice the summer squash & zucchini into half-moon shapes. Cut the carrots & cauliflower as well.


Arrange the Hard Vegetables

Arrange cauliflower & carrots on one baking sheet. Drizzle olive oil & sprinkle za'atar seasoning & paprika. Toss to combine.


Arrange the Soft Vegetables

On a baking sheet, combine asparagus, zucchini, yellow squash & bell peppers. Drizzle of olive oil & salt, pepper &garlic powder. 


Arrange the Sheets

Place the baking sheet with quick-cooking vegetables on the middle rack & the baking sheet with carrots & cauliflower on the lower rack.


Roast the Vegetables

Roast the soft vegetables for 15-20 mins, & hard vegetables for 25-40 mins, tossing once half way through. 



The vegetables should be fork-tender & lightly charred.

Roasting vegetables is, hands down, the easiest & BEST way to prepare vegetables!